Youtube Boosting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Choose The Length Of The Boosting Period?

    The length of the Boosting period for your video will correspond to the number of views you have selected in your order with us.

    For example: A 10,000 view purchase order will take around 7 days to complete. However, for larger view purchase orders (50,000 views and above) we can set a maximum length of the Boosting period to 1 month.

  • Is There A Review Process? How Long Will It Take?

    There certainly is a review process and according to the official Google guidelines, they say: “Most ads are reviewed within one business day. However, some revisions may take longer, so a more detailed review will be necessary”.

    Although in reality and based on our past experience and depending on the subject matter of the video, this usually only takes a few hours and is approved within the same business day. We will be proactive and inform our users of any and all approval issues we may encounter.

  • How Can I Check If The Views I've Paid For Are Really Going To My Video? 

    The method we use in order to boost your videos is solely based on the Google Ad exchange network and this is fully compatible with the Analytics statistics that you can access through your own YouTube channels.

    We’ve put together a guide here so you can check the source of your views to your Boosted videos.

  • Are These Views Genuine? How Are They Different To Bots?

    The service we offer here at YouTube Boosting is intended to bring your videos to your specified target audience for them to enjoy and genuinely engage with your videos and your channel.

    We Do Not Use Bots and we handle all of our video boosting through the Google Ads network. With our genuine views approach, this ensures that your audiences will be organically developed and you will create more real fans and subscribers in the long run.

  • How Is YouTube Boosting Different To Other Similar Services?

    We at YouTube Boosting take pride in our efforts to target your videos you have boosted with us to an audience that will likely be the most relevant to your video or channel content. This is to enable you to gain truly organic viewers and subscribers who genuinely enjoy your videos.

    We do not use any automation tools and we try to understand the content you have provided before deciding on the direction to boost your videos.

  • What Is The Refund Policy?

    In the event that your video is not approved by Google’s review process, we will refund the full amount you have paid for your views purchase order.

    In the event that you decide to cancel your order with us during the middle of a Boosting period, we will be able to refund you the amount based on how many views are remaining based on your views purchase order.

    Please do note that it can take several hours to days for the view count to update on your YouTube channel. Please visit this guide to see your views purchase order progress with us.